Hi, I’m Sevagen and welcome to my diary.  This is my first blog so lets skip the tech part for today and talk a bit about myself. I am currently a student at Amrita University in the state of Kerala . I’m a CSE (Computer science engineering ) course student currently in my 1st year. […]

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5 Reasons To Use Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a free ,open-source  operating system and Linux distribution based on Debian which is a Unix-like operating system composed entirely of free software created by volunteers developers. It is the most popular open-source operating system and there are many reasons why it is worthy of that title. 1.Ubuntu is free. The 1st and most […]

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What is Blockchain ?

The blockchain is , without a doubt ,the revolutionary invention of Satoshi Nakamoto, a genius or a group of geniuses.However since then, it has grown into something bigger and that is the reason why everyone has this particular question in mind: What is Blockchain? Lets start from the beginning . The first major application of […]

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Python as first programming language

Python is administered by the non-profit Python Software Foundation. It is a programming language which is quite versatile for different sorts of projects and easy for beginners to read and grasp. Firstly , everything about Python is free and available online. The language is open-sourced and free to use for everyone. Basically you just need […]

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