5 Reasons To Use Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a free ,open-source  operating system and Linux distribution based on Debian which is a Unix-like operating system composed entirely of free software created by volunteers developers. It is the most popular open-source operating system and there are many reasons why it is worthy of that title.

1.Ubuntu is free.

The 1st and most obvious reason is that it does not cost anything .Simply download it from its website , create a bootable USB drive  , plug it to your PC , restart the latter and you are ready to go. Moreover any additional software that you might need are free.

2.Ubuntu is secure.

When compared to windows which needs anti-virus software, Ubuntu has integrated anti-virus methods and protocols. I am not saying that Ubuntu is immune to any virus but it does a better job at protecting your PC than windows. Moreover anti-virus installation nowadays are not free so it saves you the need to buy an anti-virus.

3. System Requirements.

Ubuntu does not require any advanced system requirements. If you think that you need an i7 processor to run it, then you are wrong . It requires only a simple dual core processor. This demonstrates how simple the overall user interface is and how easy it is to use.

4. It is open-source

Open-source means that the source code for Ubuntu is available . That is the source code is released by the copyright holder with certain conditions. The most important part however is that you can view the source code and understand the principles behind its functionality. Moreover when a software is open-sourced , it is less prone to bugs and errors as the number of mind working on it is much greater than proprietary software

5. Ubuntu is extremely user-friendly.

Ubuntu is a distro that was design with the motto,”It just works” in mind. The goal was to create a simple OS which everyone could use fully. Just like Windows, Ubuntu is very easy and simple to use and people gradually start to see Ubuntu as an  easier OS than windows.




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