Python as first programming language

Python is administered by the non-profit Python Software Foundation. It is a programming language which is quite versatile for different sorts of projects and easy for beginners to read and grasp.

Firstly , everything about Python is free and available online. The language is open-sourced and free to use for everyone. Basically you just need to install Python on your PC or laptop, find a text editor to write your code and finally use your terminal or command prompt to execute your programs .

According to me ,these are the points that makes Python a great programming language.

  • Transparent and readable syntax.
  • Versatility
  • Rapid growth
  • Availability of resources

1.Transparent and readable syntax.

One of the fundamental ideas behind Python is to facilitate writing readable and clean code.What’s more, the code is relatively easy to read since it somewhat resembles normal English language. This makes it easier to type than some other programming language.

Secondly, Python uses proper indentation as a way of making the code structurally more appealing and cleaner.It also helps in spotting errors and bugs in the code too.


Since Python is a not oriented for any specific type of usage, programmers use it for a variety of projects. Whether you want to create games, web apps or even data mining, Python provide you with the tools to do so.

For a beginner , this versatility is amazing. You might not have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish but after you go through a few exercises , you’ll soon spot the ones you find most intriguing

Moreover, Python has a wide collection of standard libraries and additional packages.This makes it even more easier for beginners to start working on practical projects early on.

3. Rapid Growth.

Once you get started with Python, you’ll eventually be writing small programs of your own. Because of the clear and easy to learn syntax, you’ll easily get the hang of it. Consequently, Python lets you start thinking like a programmer rather quickly.

I personally found it extremely helpful that Python reads just as English. For solving problems , you can write some “pseudo code ” first,listing the procedures necessary to achieve your goal .

After a few days of practice , your pseudo code will magically resemble real Python code.

In other words, Python’s simple and clear syntax allows you to focus on creating solutions for your problem quickly.This was one of the things that kept me motivated with Python: being able to write your own little program so soon felt so satisfying!!

4.Availability of resources.

I got started with Python by taking online course. Just googling python courses gives you millions and millions of websites where you could learn Python which can be a bit much sometimes. That’s why I’ve listed my favorite resources for beginners to start Python right now.

  • Udemy : This is an online learning platform where you can learn about anything including programming languages such as Python. The only minus is that it is not free but luckily it is not that expensive either and the tutorial are given by professionals in the working industry.
  • Code-academy : Their Python course is excellent for beginners to get the hang of  the basic concepts of the language. Gamified learning works well in this case and the exercises are enough to tell if Python works for you.
  • Exercism : Excellent exercises for practicing your newly acquired skills from Code-academy.

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